Are You Getting a Speeding Ticket?
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Nothing causes more anxiety while you are driving than having a police officer following you with his lights flashing and siren blaring, even when you are normally one who obeys the law. The experience does not always have to be unpleasant, even if you know you were traveling very fast, if you are driving with expired plates, or if you have been drinking a little too much. There are several ways to make the speeding ticket experience less harrowing. 

One of these ways is to make sure that the area that you pull your vehicle over in is safe. Don't pull over if the area would be hazardous for you or the officer, such as a left shoulder. If you do, he may not get out of the car, but may strongly encourage you to change to the right shoulder instead which would be much safer, though getting through traffic to get there can make it more difficult.

Another way to make the experience less unpleasant is not to coast into a stop as it could take several blocks to completely stop. The police officer needs you to pull over as quickly as possible. If you are coasting, he may think you are trying to hide something and it may cause him to be more suspicious of you.

Also if you keep the engine on while the police officer is getting your information and writing your speeding ticket, the police officer knows that your car is reliable. There is less likelihood that you will get angry at him for stopping you and causing your car to break down and forcing him to call a tow truck to help you get it running again. 

Don't remove your hands from the wheel as the police officer comes to your car. By keeping your hands on the wheel, the officer knows that you are not going to drive away or pull a weapon on him because he can see your hands at all times. 

Police officers always recommend that you stay in your vehicle when you are receiving your speeding ticket so that your and their safety is not compromised. They may also think that you have something to hide, are drunk, or are wanted. The police officer may also think that you have a gun or other type of weapon and if you stay inside your vehicle, it is harder for you to fight or injure the officer. 

Finally, watch what you say to the officer when he approaches your vehicle as things that you say can be held against you. In some states, cursing at the officer can cause you to get arrested for disorderly conduct. 

Police officers are representatives of the law and therefore, demand respect and when respect is not givenFree Articles, it could result in the process taking longer and tickets being awarded. Obeying the law is the best way to avoid getting a speeding ticket.




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